Shoes are my ‘Pazzion’!

One of the nicknames (besides Garfield) I garnered during college days is Imelda Marcos, simply because I loved buying shoes! (Oh well, I don’t exactly have 3,000 pairs of shoes and none of them actually flash lights as I dance).  Fortunately, my repertoire is nowhere near in comparison to hers.

When it comes to dressing-up, I am a very simple person; I like to dress in simple t-shirts and jeans, and my handbags are normally very practical too. The exact reason why you could hardly see me in printed tops/blouse. Nonetheless, my taste in shoes is rather peculiar. I like jelly shoes, I like them transparent/Perspex, I like them with ribbon, I like them with bling, but I like them flat! Bahaha… I believe whenever you dress-up only one item should stands out and in my preference it would be my shoes. That is my fashion statement. I don’t really follow trends, I wear what I like and what I find comfortable.

However, I don’t consume shoes as much as I used to. Ever since I’ve gained weight, my short feet expanded too. I wore size 4 BATA shoes when I was in form 5 and now my small, but comel feet, are like HUGE! It’s rather depressing because it’s only the width that expanded, but not the length. So buying shoes really is a tough business nowadays.

I don’t mind spending a bit more on shoes. I know a lot of people actually said “nak letak kat kaki je pun” but please people, that kaki of yours is something that you need to use for very long time. Please be kind to them.  If there’s one thing I want to splurge on, I really don’t mind it being shoes. But I will still not spend a ridiculous amount of money on those non-practical, feet-killing shoes.  See I am very much practical girl after all (can someone please convince this to my husband).

During my solo business trip to Singapore back in 2012 and I accidently discovered a Singapore local brand called ‘Pazzion’. I finished my meeting early and decided to have a detour to Marina Bay Sands before my flight home (Did I mentioned that I almost missed my flight? 😛 ) So there I was walking around the mall alone dragging my overnight luggage and laptop bag and contemplating whether to stop at TWG (on the bridge) for my afternoon tea, when suddenly my eyes popped out looking at Pazzion’s sign.

Pazzion 002

Instead of feeding my tummy, I decided to explore Pazzion (typical me!) and I certainly did not regret doing that. There were arrays of bling shoes and they were reasonably priced too. The price ranged from $59 – $89 only!  What I like the most is the front part of the shoes were wide too, perfect for my fat feet! But, you have to be careful in choosing the design because certain design can really look corny.

Pazzion 001

The first pair of Pazzion shoes bought from the business trip

Pazzion 004

 I have yet to wear this

Pazzion 005

 Latest addition to the family 🙂

Pazzion 003

They have shoes for mini you too. If only I have a daughter 😛

Pazzion 006

Cute kan?

What annoys me the most Pazzion have outlets in both Jakarta and Bangkok yet they don’t have one in KL. Can someone quickly take their franchise please!


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