Secret Millionaires Club: Warren Buffett’s 26 Secrets to Success in the Business of Life

This is my first blog for year 2014 and for that I would like to share on my recent read. Actually, I’ve been wanting to buy this book for quite some time, but for a tiny book I find it rather pricey. 😛 So when I saw this book was on 20% off at Times Book Store I quickly grabbed  it.

secret millionaires club

So what’s the book all about? This book is actually based on TV show, a  cartoon as a matter of fact, called “Secret Millionaires Club.” The show is about educating youngsters on how to venture into businesses and how to make decisions that will eventually determine their path. You can watch clip of the TV from video below:

As we all know Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investor /richest man in the world, but despite his immense wealth he leads a very frugal lifestyle. He still lives in a modest house that he purchased in the 1950s and drives himself everywhere with his Cadillac DTS. He has also made the pledge that after his death, the majority of his fortune will goes to charity rather than his family.

This book encompass 26 priceless advice that everyone (no matter their age) can relate to. These advice are not only about finance or wealth building, but about also on business, work, morality, your responsibility to yourself, your family and society, and living a decent life.

It is seriously a good read and worth every penny spent. Each advice comes with a real life example that will make it easier for us to relate the stories. Hopefully, by taking these advice could help me to achieve my 2014 targets 🙂 I would seriously recommend this book to teenagers so that they could learn the value of money from an early age.


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