The Heirs

I am totally going to blame my friend Lin for my current addiction. Thanks to her persuasion, I am now totally hooked to an on-going Korean drama series The Heirs or also known as The Inheritors.

This video is a preview of highly anticipated 17th episode of the series that will be shown in Korea today. At the end of episode 16, the lead female character Chan Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) decided to leave the lead male character Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) despite him telling her not to. So basically the 17th episode will all be about him hunting for her.

The script for The Heirs was penned by Kim Eun-sook, the same writer responsible for Lovers in Paris (2004) and Secret Garden (2010). I was made to known that script was written specifically for Lee Min Ho and the writer refused other actor to take the lead role.

The story basically starts when Chan Eun Sang travelled to the States in search of her elder sister. There she bumps into Kim Tan, who helped her gets through series misfortunate events. Kim Tan who has been living there for the past 3 years came from a wealthy Korean family and has been sent to States to study. The truth is Kim Tan was sent to States as a ploy by his half brother Kim Won to stop him from gaining full interest of the family business. After spending time together, Kim Tan slowly develop feelings for Eun Sang without knowing she is the daughter of his family housekeeper. The only slight problem he is ENGAGED to Rachel, a match arranged by his family.

My first remark after knowing Lee Min Ho acted as high school boy again after Boys Over Flowers was “WHAT?!!!” But after watching several episodes, I really get to see different sides of Lee Min Ho that I’ve never seen before. As an actor he has improved a lot! Kim Tan’s character is certainly more complicated than Gu Jun-pyo. First of all, he has to make the girl that he is crazy about fall for him. Of course he has some competition from his former best friend Choi Young Do who is also going to be step brother to his fiancé (Rachel’s mom and Young Do’s dad are engaged). He also has to face his Father who shows no affection, who also treats his mother very badly. And a brother who despises him, as he believes Kim Tan will steal his birth right in spite of him having no interest/intention in gaining interest in the company. Not to mention his ruthless father’s efforts in splitting him and Eun Sang.

The whole conflict makes the drama really interesting. There is a lot of comedy in between, which suit me well as I really can’t stand those tear-jerking dramas.

I must also say the whole ensemble for this drama was nicely cast (of course with an exception of Kim Tans’ best friend character in the States. I seriously think the production just randomly picked the first white dude they saw on the street!)

Oh, the soundtrack for The Heirs is also great. It’s now my current playlist that #ihatekpop husband of mine is appreciating the music as well. The only time that ever happened before was Winter Sonata soundtracks okay! It’s really worth the watch. Trust me 😛

One Who Wants to Wear the Crown Bear the Crown – The Heirs


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