Bobbi & Katie

I don’t usually wear make-up. I don’t even wear make up to the office. This is precisely why I look very ghostly most of the time, but I do think I looked eerier with my make-up on. I am seriously bad with them that I think I look like a Chinese vampire when I put make up on. My compact powder can seriously last more than a year. This is exactly why I decided not to spend my money on make up anymore.

But when I saw Bobbi & Katie palette suddenly I just couldn’t resist myself.


My first impression – What beautiful packaging!


Hmm…where do I start with my review? First of all, I really don’t know what to do with the eye liner. (I’m basically scared with things that are capable of poking my eyes :P) The eye shadow colours are natural and perfect for day and night use. My favourite portion is of course the pot rouge that can be used as both lipstick and blusher. The colours will give your cheeks and lips a healthy natural looking flush. Nonetheless, I do recommend adding on lip gloss after applying the pot rouge on the lips.

It’s all in one! Simply perfect for travelling, or someone who rarely wears make up like me!


This woman insisted that I tried on the palette 🙂 


And someone was bored, notice the background? 


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