Hello peeps, hope you guys are doing well. I am still recovering from my bad bad flu. My nose won’t stop dripping and the headache from the sinus was mad. This time around my anti-histamine can’t work its charm and I have to resort to stronger medication. Can’t wait till the haze to totally go away, I have suffered enough 😛 Other than that I am doing well, except I am also having post holiday depression. Hahahaha… can’t wait for another trip, but by the way things are moving doubt we can enjoy another one soon 😀

Phuket was ok-ok (I think it’s a bit overrated), but I’m absolutely in love with Paresa Resort Phuket. It was such a fun and beautiful place to stay. Love all the tiny little details and gestures that they pay attention to.

One of my many favourite items at Paresa Resort Phuket is the toiletry. As usual, I would normally travel heavy which means I would carry all my normal size toiletries with me and hardly use anything provided by the hotel. But, after playing with lots of water, and my hair started to feel like kayu, I realized that I forgot to bring my conditioner with me. So I said to myself, whatever, just use the one provided by hotel. By the way, the brand provided was called ‘Thann’. But to my surprise the moment I uncapped the bottle, I was extremely pleased with how good the scent was and how refreshing it felt on my hair. The texture was thick and you just need a few drops of it to make your hair feels soft and shining again. Same goes with the shower gel, it smells so refreshing and relaxing.

We were lucky that when we went to Central Festival Mall for our Jim Thompson hunting, we also discovered that Thann boutique was just right across Jim Thompson’s boutique. Double yay! Especially since we had to pay 1000 Bhat for taxi to get there from Paresa Resort Phuket, that was like RM120 for journey of 20 something kilometer. (Bahaha… need to justify the expenses to CheeseBoy). So I decided to settled for these 2 🙂

 Thann 005

The green bottle is THANN Oriental Essence Aromatherapy Shower Gel which  is specially formulated to optimize the skin’s natural moisture balance. It is a 100% botanical derivative base enriched with the benefits of plant essential oils. The two main ingredients are Kaffir Lime oil and lemongrass oil.

Whilst the white bottle is Aromatic conditioner made of wheat protein, jojoba oil, orange and nutmeg essential oils.

Absolutely love the two items. Sort of regret of not getting more than a bottle for each item. Even CheeseBoy can’t stop praising the shower gel and reminded me to save them for special occasion. Oh well, at least now I have more reason to drag CheeseBoy to Thailand once again. So should the next destination be Krabi or Bangkok?

Update: We found a booth at Isetan KLCC selling Thann products. However, the saleslady informed it’s going to be removed soon. So anyone who wants to try Thann, get there quick!


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