Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village 2

Last Saturday, we thought of having an early, nice and simple nasi lemak breakfast. Unfortunately, many others thought of the same thing. Our usual nasi lemak Telekom (nearby the Taman Tun TM exchange) was swarmed by an unusually high number of hungry people. The line was THAT long. Lining up would be pointless, since there was limited nasi lemak left. 😦

Disappointed, we drove to our usual lepak place Bangsar not knowing what to eat for breakfast. Then we remembered there was this place called Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village 2 that’s usually packed with people, and being talked about by our friends.

And so we went. Only to find it was closed! (It was, after all, only 8.45am!) Apparently, they open at 9.30am. We killed some time by going grocery shopping at nearby Village Grocer, and then walked back to Nutmeg at 9.35am. Man, there were already a bunch of people there!

Anyways, here’s what we ordered:

Nutmeg Gravlax Croissant-wich

“Nutmeg Gravlax Croissant-wich” for Belacan Girl

Nutmeg Big Breakfast

“Nutmeg Big Breakfast” for CheeseBoy

Our opinion?

The Nutmeg Gravlax Croissant-wich was superb! To put it simply, it’s a croissant with scrambled egg and smoked salmon, with some salad on the side. But the eggs was nicely done, not too runny, not too dry; the gravlax was not too salty too.

CheeseBoy didn’t care for his Big Breakfast much. The sausage was blended with too much spice, baked beans were bland, and the baked mac & cheese weren’t cheesy enough. (CheeseBoy is very,  very particular with his cheese) The scrambled eggs, sauted tomatoes and mushrooms were good though. The smoked salmon was okay too.

Anyways, the discovery at Nutmeg wasn’t really the breakfast. It was the CAKE! There was this cake called “REESE”, which is a chocolate + peanut butter cake. (It also has some Reese peanut butter cups on it, hence the name we think). SIMPLY DELICIOUS! You’ve got to try it yourself!

Reese Cake

“The Reese cake” at the back.

If you’re planning to go Nutmeg, here are the menus. If you’re coming for breakfast, do come early. It gets packed fast!

Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village 2 Menu

Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village 2 Menu


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