The Alkaline Diet

I have a new obsession… the Alkaline Diet. Oh well, I was actually forced to follow this diet. I have been having terrible cough since day 1 of my recent Jakarta trip (that was back in January peeps) and guess what? The cough still lingers! I have been not sleeping well for the past 1 month and this also caused my acid reflux to turn from bad to worse! Sigh…

Coughing (and vomiting when it gets really bad) several times in the middle of night and early morning made me really cranky. It disturbs my sleep pattern. There was a point when I cried because I was really tired. But thankfully, my super amazing husband said to me “Allah is testing you for a reason. Perhaps you’ve been taking your health for granted (eating non stop with very minimal exercise), so now your body is protesting” Yeah, this husband of mine always know what to say at the right time.

I realized that I have not been following my pantang as I used to. If before, I have to pantang according to avoid my rhinitis allergies, now I also have to pantang to control my acid reflux. I eventually realized that I have no choice but only to stick to fruits and veggies! As I was researching on food that could help reduce my acid reflux, I came across on something called the ‘Alkaline diet’. The chart below will explain what is alkaline diet is all about.

PH Food Chart

So I totally avoided all items under acidic and alhamdullilah within couple of days I felt a bit better. I will insya’Allah continue with this diet (of course with the occasional cheat day!). As am approaching 40 years old, I realize my body doesn’t work the way it used to. Like it or not, with my family health history I really need to start watching what I eat. I guess my eventual motivation is not about losing weight but more of living a healthy life.

Anyone else want to join me in this Alkaline Diet?


2 thoughts on “The Alkaline Diet

  1. Lots of luck noza…ive tried but I ended up having more cheat days..huhu..but am still trying a lot kalau ade kwn..

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