Fab Feb!

OMG! Can’t believe it is already second week of February! Sigh…time really flies nowadays and I can seriously see some spider webs on my blog 😛  So what we have been up to? Here is the summary:

1) CheeseBoy is super busy that he hardly had anytime to blog nor chat with his wife. I really miss him #clingywife

2) I’ve been not well since early of 2015. Down with flu and cough. No thanks to my chronic rhinitis allergies (No sambal belacan for a while!)(CheeseBoy: BelacanGirl temporarily loses her superpowers? 😉 )

3) On top of his mounting workload, CheeseBoy’s office shifted from Mines to Bangsar. I’m on the other hand having my work station renovated. (Renovation still not over, the dusts are making my allergies worse and my stuff are still in the boxes!!). We hope this clears the air. Hahahaha…we are not moving house peeps! (Not yet 😉 )

4) And last but not least, we finally managed to steal a short holiday during the recent long weekend. Jakarta was amazing (as usual). This time around we managed to explore lots of interesting eateries spots. Will definitely blog about this soon! (promise!)

Ok peeps, that’s all for now. Ciao!


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