Hello Darling!

I’m very much sure many of us has experienced going to hair salon and feeling very flattered when our favourite hair stylist called us “DARLING” or “Handsome” for men. I bet many of us will feel very special being referred as such. Or whenever you go to the market and the dude selling fish there called you “Cantik” (Seriously peeps, mine called me that…sigh)

Guess what people? Don’t feel flattered being referred as ‘Darling’ or ‘Cantik’. I used to run my own business of providing service to public. Throughout the experience, I have learned whenever my staffs called their customers by the term “Darling”, it means they don’t remember their customers’ name! Calling the customers “Darling” is a safe way of pretending that they care for you.

Yes people, appreciate more those who called you by your name. If they make an effort to remember your name, it means you are important to them! Value these type of people!

P.S: Phew, thank god that my hair stylist of 10 years remember me by my name! I really consider my session with my hairstylist as my therapy session 😛


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