Malaysia Top Blogs 2014 : Year End Recap

Hi Folks! Time to recap the Malaysia Top Blogs 2014. I’ve noticed many changes from the first time I’ve blogged about the rankings here. As you are aware, I take the Alexa Top 500 Malaysian sites to come up with this list. I’ve noticed that many personal blogs have dropped out of the 5oo list. Many professional sites have taken over (some in my list I deem as ‘almost-pro’ like PaulTan, etc). I hope that 2015 will bring higher ranking for personal bloggers in Malaysia. Come on guys! Let’s pump up that SEO and produce more quality content! We at BelacanGirlCheeseBoy will always support local bloggers!

Anyways, here’s my last Malaysia Top Blogs update for 2014. Bring on 2015!

No Alexa
(27 Dec)
Website URL Category
1 99 Automotive
2 104 Beautifulnara Entertainment
3 192 PenaMerah Entertainment
4 200 Entertainment
5 249 Personal Blog
6 263 Personal Blog
7 275 Denaihati Personal Blog
8 328 WangCyber Entrepreneurship
9 333 IT, Gadgets, Tech
10 337 Entertainment
11 432 Rossa Calla News

Congratulations to our blogger buddies who made the list!

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