Malaysia Top Blogs : August 2014 Update

Wow. The last time I looked into Malaysia blog rankings was in March 2014. You can read my review here.

Time changes things. A quick check on the Alexa rankings gave me much surprise. Many popular personal blogs just dropped out of the Alexa Top 500 websites. I’m guessing maybe traffic slowed down during Ramadhan/July, and people were just not surfing much last month. A lot of banking / shopping websites hogged the Alexa Top 500 too. Lots of people buying online I guess. I had no choice but to make drastic changes to the rankings. Couldn’t even get 25 blogs, only 12 this time.

Anyways, here are the TOP 12 MALAYSIA BLOGS as per today:

No Alexa
(7 Aug)
Website URL Category
1 70 Automotive
2 137 Beautifulnara Entertainment
3 197 IT, Gadgets, Tech
4 216 New Siakap Keli News
5 223 Personal Blog
6 230 Personal Blog
7 341 Entertainment
8 370 Personal Blog
9 392 New Oh! Media News
10 417 New Soya Cincau Tech / Telco Blog
11 424 New Malaysian News / Ini Blog Berita News / Tabloid
12 445 New Entertainment



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