Novotel KL Christmas & New Year’s Eve Buffet Special!

I used to remember spending Christmas on campus during my college days in the US back in the late 90s. (Yes, I’m THAT old! :P) Seeing that I was cold and alone in the dormitories (imagine surviving New England winter with limited heating because most of the students went back to their hometowns for Christmas and New Year and they shut down the dorm heating…brrrr), some nice folks at the campus cafeteria cooked for me and a few others a delicious Christmas meal. There was roast turkey complete with stuffings, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pies, and some other delicious items. A simple Malay boy had the chance to feel what Christmas was all about, due to the generosity of the cafeteria folks. It was some really good memories. 🙂

Now I get the chance to relive some of those memories here at Novotel KL, with their Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve promotions!

They had invited us for a preview, and boy there was a lot of food! Check out some of the things that you can enjoy if you choose to celebrate Christmas and New Year at Novotel KL….


[Above: Roasted Whole Turkey with Stuffing]


[Above: Delicious veggies with the turkey stuffings]


[Above: Roasted Lamb Leg!]


[Above: Sweet Potato Wedges]


[Above: Pan-seared Fish with Mango Sauce]


[Above: Cajun Minute Steak with Honey Mustard]


[Above: Prawns with Mushrooms]

553[Above: Spiral Pasta with Pistachio and Pesto]
556[Above: Crispy Chicken Chops with Per-Peri Sauce]


[Above: Lamb Kofta with Prunes]

[Above: Your dishes lovingly cooked by talented chefs!]

571[Above: Can’t believe there’s actually ‘Kacang Pool’! Served with white bread and fried egg. Yums!]


[Above: These are salads in various styles. Love ’em!]

542[Above: Specially for macaron lovers :)]


[Above: Many more delicious desserts waiting for you!]

In case you’re wondering what the full menu is like for the Christmas Eve Buffet, Christmas Day Buffet and New Year Eve Buffet, check out the below:


If you’re looking for that wonderful Christmas and New Year memories for yourself or your loved ones, I suggest you try spending it at the Square Restaurant, Novotel KL. The Christmas Eve buffet dinner, Christmas Day buffet dinner and New Year Eve buffet dinner is priced at only RM95.00++, while kids below 12 years old can enjoy it at RM47++.

For more information and reservations, call Novotel KL at 03-2147 0888 extension 7668.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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