Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo Christmas Special!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town. And he’s specifically going to Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo at eCurve for their delicious Christmas buffet spread!

Okay, it’s not really Santa Claus. It’s just Cheese Boy with his big buncit belly, minus the red costume and white bushy beard. (Belacan Girl : You need to diet dear. *wink*) We were pleasantly surprised at the huge spread they have there at Pak John. They have self-serve steamboat and also hot plate BBQ at your culinary disposal.

But this time the focus was on their limited period Christmas promotions: Christmas Buffet Special Menu (10 exclusive dishes) and Christmas Hot Plate (with 11 new delicious items), with Christmas Hot Pot (special creamy butter broth soup).

For just RM46++ (Mon-Thurs) or RM49++ (Fri-Sun) you can enjoy their Xmas spread like we did. Boy, we ate a lot!

Here are some foodie pics:


[Above: New Zealand Rib Eye with Black Pepper Sauce]


[Above: Ramen Vongole Ole]


[Above: Grilled Slice Chicken with Creamy Spaghetti]


[Above: Baked Potato with Mince Beef]


[Above: Seafood Bread Loaf]IMG_5060

[Above: Black Tangerine Chicken]IMG_5062

[Above: Grilled Sutchi Fillet. We had a LOT of this! :)]


[Couldn’t resist trying to take a flatlay pic! hehehe]


[Above: Another futile flatlay attempt. By this time we were just too hungry! Shaky fingers]


[Above: Christmas Island]


[Above: Some of the Christmas Hot Plate items. The beef are excellent!]


[Above: The tomyam soup steamboat. Do you know that the tomyam is made from scratch? No instant paste here. Really yummy!]


[Above: The Christmas Hot Pot with Creamy Butter Broth. Really warmed the tummy.]


[Above: Waffles for desserts. Many fillings to choose from!]


[Above: Kaya puff balls pun ada!]


[Above: Remember to take your fresh veggies! Stay healthy guys!]


[There are really LOTS of choices!]


[If you come over the weekend, there’s a live band singing your fave songs..]


[Above: Pak John’s entrance. Really festive decor!]


[Above: The salmon is fresh! Load up those omega-3s peeps!]


[Above: CheeseBoy with the jovial uber chef / general manager Melvin Chin]

They’re also serving fresh salmon (you can watch the chefs filleting the huge salmon ) that you can cook on your hot plate. Nothing better than fresh salmon! Other than that, there are over 100 types of vegetables, meats, seafood, dimsum, steamboat soups, desserts, and free flow of drinks! All you can eat, so make sure you’re wearing stretchy elastic pants.

The promotion is only between during this Christmas season from 15 December 2014 to 1 January 2015. So, you guys better catch the promo while it still lasts!

Here’s the location:

Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo
Lot LG-13A & LG-15,
Lower Ground Floor, eCurve
No 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-77333913

P.S: Pak John also has special rooms for private events. Do call them if you want to have private functions.


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