Working Rule

Multitasking was never CheeseBoy’s forte. Like any other typical man, he can only focus on one thing at a time (Read: Boring!). Forget about asking him to do cooking and laundry at the same time. Chances are he will place the fish in washing machine and deep fry those stinky socks. (Hahahaa…kidding!) Besides that, CheeseBoy also has a work ethic where when he is at work he will give his full concentration and dedication.

This is precisely why we have the working rule: ‘Don’t call each other during office hours’. (But I have always insisted that he buzz me once he reach his office, which most of the time he ignores.)

Working Rule

Of course, we make an exception there are some urgent issues, such as “Can you please check whether my grammar for this XYZ text is correct?” Bahaha…that would definitely irritate CheeseBoy to the max. But yes, I do that occasionally 😀

When we’re at work, CheeseBoy and I would love to focus on our tasks so we can avoid bringing work to home. But sometimes we just couldn’t help it but to continue doing office work at home. Sigh… Oh well, at least we tried.

So peeps, if you don’t have anything urgent, just forget about calling him during office hours, ’cause he even hardly entertain his wife 😉


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