Just another day…

CheeseBoy turns 37 today, yay! Like any other years, I promise CheeseBoy nothing fancy for his birthday celebration. We will normally spend quiet time together. As many have known, CheeseBoy shared the same birth date as my late father-in-law. Ever since the passing of arwah babah, CheeseBoy refuses to celebrate his birthday even more. He tends to be a bit emotional on his birthday. Strictly no parties, no surprises and etc. I must say whenever people suggested to me to throw a birthday party for CheeseBoy I am so tempted to do it, but eventually I will shut down the idea myself as I personally think complying to my husband wishes is the best gift I could ever give him.

Since we are not taking a day off this year, I’m seriously hoping the traffic is going to be kind to us today. And please, please, pleae don’t rain today. The place that I wanted to take him for dinner tonight is fully booked due to some event. Sigh…But the good thing is the celebration will be extended over the weekend. Yay!

Dear CheeseBoy, I love you without knowing how, or when or from where. My love for you is unconditionally. You are my husband, my life, my world, my backbone, my soul mate, my best friend. Thank you for being the bestest husband, seriously I couldn’t ask for someone better.

Happy Birthday Sayang!  I love you very, very, very, very much!

xoxo YOUR WIFE 🙂

CheeseBoy the Birthday Boy 2

Took CheeseBoy to Marini’s last year. How time flies!

CheeseBoy the Birthday Boy 3

After the dinner, we successfully planned a little surprise for CheeseBoy. He had no clue. Hence, the towel! 😛


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