Little Girl Ghost : The Story of Lisa

Pontianak ? … Hmph. Need a haircut and visit to the dentist
Pocong/Chinese Vampire ? … No need to jump around la. It’s tiring.
Toyol ? … Pfft. Hulk’s little kid thief. Deserves a spanking.

We’re all fascinated by ghosts and ghost stories. Usually, we know people who had personal experience with the paranormal. Some have seen them, others have been terrorised by them. Personally, I feel that pontianaks, pocongs, toyols, hantu rayas, langsuirs, etc, are just various species of the djinn world. They will only disturb us humans if ordered to by their ‘masters’ or if they personally take a liking to us.

However, nothing freaks me out more than ‘little girl’ ghosts. I came across this fascinating true story and want to share it with you. Prepare for goosebumps. Read on, folks.

lisa 1 lisa2 lisa3 lisa4 lisa5 lisa6 lisa7 lisa8 lisa9 lisa10


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