Fill in the Blanks

I must say that I’m grateful that CheeseBoy is doing all the blog post this week instead of me.That is, of course, after he grew tired of me complaining about his absence from the blog. I’m having writer’s block (and working late many nights), so it’s time for CheeseBoy to fill in. CheeseBoy also made the effort of activating our Facebook page (Click here) as well as posting pictures from Instagram. One of the major reasons why we had our blogs combined was because we knew that we work better as team, rather than working individually.

This reminded me of our days doing MBA together. (Yes, we were classmates and sat side-by-side) We both admitted that if we were to do it individually, we would definitely not be able to complete it, or at least we were going to take more time. (Almost gave up at the last mile) But thankfully we had each other. When I was about to give up, CheeseBoy pushed me and vice versa. Trust me, my whining is not easy to handle.

We are human. We have our ups and downs. Not everybody can afford to be cheerful/positive all the time. It is simply TAK LOGIK! If you are, you must be nuts! Again, I’m lucky to have a good support system. In times that I’m not fully myself, I am so lucky to have CheeseBoy who continuously support me, but in return of course, I have to do the very same for CheeseBoy.

We help fill in each other’s blanks. We hope others have their ‘blank fillers’ too.

cnn convo day

Throwback. CheeseBoy and I on our graduation day 🙂


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