A few weeks ago, we had a busy weekend and we decided to go split ways so we can complete more chores and fulfill the invites we received. So when CheeseBoy reached home late, I was so happy to see him, cuz I missed him a lot. (Yes, I’m so mengada like that :P)  So when he offered to buy me dinner, I immediately said yes (took us an hour to decide on what to eat though :P)

After our dinner, I told CheeseBoy that I need to go Parkson to get some supplies. After I was done with the payment, I was approached by a super aggressive salesgirl but surprisingly very likable. She’s attached to Shizens and promoting a product Lip Tattoo. If you want to know the details, check the image below 😉

After much persuasion, I totally fell for it and was on the verge of saying “Okay, I’ll take it.” But thankfully CheeseBoy rescued me by saying “We are rushing home, next time”

She was still nice after the rejection, and her last words to me was “Next time you come, make sure you come to look for me!”

I’m totally a sucker when it comes to great customer service, and if someone was being as nice as that, I will definitely look for him/her again.

Hehehe…basically I’m writing this post so that I wont forget her name.

Her name is RUBY and she’s a real gem.


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