Maleficent : Review

It’s nice of Belacan Girl to treat her hubby for a movie night out. And the movie she chose was Maleficent… a movie we have been looking forward to for a few years now. (Beanie seats too! Yay!)


This is an Angelina Jolie movie. So you have to be ready for that. AJ is perfectly casted as the title character. So much so that it was difficult to cast kids as Aurora; those kids became so scared of Maleficent they had to cast Jolie’s own 4 year old daughter Vivienne. (Vivienne of course wasn’t scared of her mommy.)

Maleficent is a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty. It’s very different from the original. It tells the story from the perspective of Maleficent, who was not as evil as the original story. Every ‘evil’ character has an interesting background story, so this is the entire premise of the movie. Maleficent became ‘Maleficent’ because of the terrible things done to her. She started as a kind hearted fairy, but was betrayed by her human best friend Stefan who chopped off her fairy wings to prove he was worthy to become king.

Maleficent 01

Bitter from the betrayal, she grew darker and darker until one day the new King Stefan had a child. Maleficent gate crashed the celebrations and put a curse upon the baby Aurora. Aurora will prick her finger on a spinning wheel before her 16th birthday and will suffer a sleeping death. Stefan, scared of his own shadow and betrayal, ordered all the spinning wheels be destroyed. The baby Aurora was then taken to a ‘hidden’ location under the care of the 3 good, but inept, fairies.

Of course, Maleficent sees all and knows all. She keeps a careful watch over Aurora. However, the three fairies have no idea how to take care of a baby, so Maleficent reluctantly takes care of her feeding and well-being using her powers from afar. (The three fairies didn’t have a clue) Aurora grew up and sensed that she has a fairy godmother watching over her. One day Maleficent revealed herself to Aurora and they developed a close friendship. Slowly, Maleficent came to love Aurora, and tried to break her own curse without success.

Meanwhile, Stefan grew more and more insane. He correctly predicts that Maleficent will come after him on Aurora’s 16th birthday. The curse came into effect, and Aurora, well, fell into a death-like sleep. A guilty Maleficent tried to break the curse by getting a rather stupid prince to kiss Aurora. But it turned out the prince’s kiss wasn’t from a true love, so Aurora still slumbers. Then, Maleficent cried and kissed Aurora and the princess awoken. Turns out that Maleficent’s love for Aurora was true love and it broke the spell.

Maleficent 02

After all this, Stefan still tried to kill Maleficent. Aurora found and released Maleficent’s wings from captivity and they returned to the rightful owner. With her wings back, Maleficent fought back. During a one-on-one fight with Maleficent, Stefan fell and died. The movie ends with Maleficent returning the kingdom into its former glory, while Aurora is restored as the Queen.

This film has many hidden messages. Only fans of Angelina Jolie would understand. 😉

Acting – 4 stars
CGI – 3.5 stars
Storyline – 3.5 stars
Total – 3.6 stars


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