Australian Open 2014 – Predictably Unpredictable

I haven’t been posting anything lately about tennis, particularly after my tennis prediction went awry 😛 Hehe…actually not really, I do find tennis a little bit boring towards year end last year, as only certain players dominated the game be it female or male.

Two days ago, the first slam of the year Australian Open (AO) closed its curtain. Like previous years, AO has been one of my favourite slams because the outcomes were normally very unpredictable. One reason being the incredible heat! Imagine these players were just celebrating Christmas in winter just few weeks back and now suddenly they have to play in 40 degree temperature.  So basically it really tests the players’ endurance rather than skill. Second reason would be it’s still very early in the season and some of the players are not fully warmed up or still recovering from their injuries.

To be honest, I didn’t really get to watch most of the matches as it were held during my working hours (hey this girl need to earn her shopping!) and we (my family and I) traveled to Singapore last weekend. So thanks to the AO’s app, I still managed to get myself updated. All grand slams App are available on both App Store and Google Play. (Macam iklan) The newly updated App is the best so far from AO. Good job!


AO App 2

AO Radio

Push notification

Let’s start with the ladies performances in this year’s AO. Ana Ivanovic’s victory over Serena Williams in the fourth round was certainly nothing but shocking. Ana even during peak of her games, has never beaten Serena. We certainly did not see this one coming. The rising of young player Eugenie Bouchard from Canada is something very interesting to watch too. Despite being defeated by Dominika Cibulkova in the semis I think it is a great achievement by the 19 year-old player.  Hope she is not going to end up like Melanie Oudin who only shined at one slam but totally went quiet after that. Agnieszka Radwanska beating Victoria Azarenka was something interesting as well. These two are nemesis of their own era, and so far victory has only been on Vika’s side. It’s funny to see that Vika has started to show her tantrum again by hitting herself (among others hitting her own thigh with her racquet) I believe Vika losing her coolness is the main contributor to her defeat.

Li Na under her new coach has certainly made her very fierce, and her winning the slam against Cibulkova was truly deserving. Finally an Asian Champ for Asia Pacific Grand Slam. Yay!

Li Na

Now let us talk about the Men…This year is going to be an interesting year for men’s tennis I think. Why? Mainly because of the coaches that these players hired. It all started with Andy Murray who hired Ivan Lendl as his coach. Then followed by Kei Nishikori who hired Michael Chang, Djokovic hired Boris Becker and lastly Roger Federer had Stefan Edberg as part of his team. Wow! When I watched the match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray during the quarters, it felt like watching Lendl vs. Edberg rather than Roger vs. Andy. It’s really cool to see these tennis legends back on the court! (oh well, court side at least).

roger at melbourne

Roger and EdbergBoris

Million congratulations to Stanislas Wawrinka who finally reached his first slam final and winning it on the first attempt against Rafael Nadal. Honestly, no one saw this coming, particularly after Rafa thrashing Roger Federer in the semis. Like Paula Malai Ali said both players fan are still in shock.  Rafa’s fans are still in shocked thinking what has happened, whilst Stan’s fans were like “Did this really happen?” But people actually forgot that Stan has been there all these years and has been working hard to achieve what he earned today. I hope he will continue to be gentlemen sportsman (oh well tennis is a gentlemen’s game) and stay humble as he is now.

Stan the Man

I think I will write a special blog on Stan once I find a time to do it…

Note: These awesome pictures are all from AO’s official Facebook page. For more cool pictures and news you can like their Facebook page here


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