Bazaar Desa at Novotel KL City Centre

Alhamdulillah! We’re are fortunate to be able to meet another Ramadhan. Indeed, the month is blessed, and both of us were blessed to be able to sample the fine Ramadhan cuisine at Novotel KL.

This year Novotel KL City Centre introduces the ‘Bazaar Desa’, and boy there’s a big spread! They’re specials include Mee Rebus Tulang, Kacang Pool, Oven Roasted Lamb, and yummy Banana with Cheese. Check out the photos belows:


Above: Oven Roasted Lamb


Above: Mee Rebus Tulang


(Above: Quench your thirst with Khatirah Juice. (Blended dates juice))


NovotelKL_BazaarDesa005 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa006 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa007 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa008 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa009

Above: Lontong Goreng

NovotelKL_BazaarDesa010 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa011 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa012 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa013 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa014 NovotelKL_BazaarDesa015

Above: Banana with Cheese! Delicious!


Above: We had extra portions of Kacang Pool.


Above: Banana with Cheese again! Had to take another bowl!


Above: Compliments to the Chef! Executive Chef Huzaidy is the one responsible for the scrumptious buffet spread.

This has got to be one of the better Ramadhan buffets in KL this year. The dishes are inspired from Johor Baru cuisine, especially the mee rebus tulang, kacang pool, lontong goreng, and kathira juice. Those who enjoy a Malay menu would enjoy this.

“Bazaar Desa” dinner buffet is priced at RM95 nett per adult, RM45 nett for children between 8-12 years old. Accor Plus members enjoy further 10% discount. For more information and reservations, call +60321470888 ext 7668 or email


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