Master of the Kitchen

I hope it’s not too late to congratulate our Ipoh born Catherine Chin Wan Ping Coombes,  over her victory winning MasterChef UK with Nasi Lemak and Wantan soup dishes. Yay! Reading the articles about her winning, I can’t help but to notice of her intriguing statement where she said “My mother will be really proud I’m sure. I say this a lot but she still won’t let me in her kitchen.” Guess what? It really reminds me of my very own mother!

Growing up, especially once I entered secondary school, we had to survive without a domestic helper. Our assistant of  6 years to decided to leave just few weeks before my mom gave birth to my youngest brother. I guess another baby is something too much for her to handle 😛 Anyways, good thing is at the tender age of 12 I have already learned to bathe my then 6 months old brother and changed his diapers (more of napkins.) Bear in mind those days, disposable diapers are only meant for travelling.*cries* Being the eldest daughter the house chores automatically fell under my shoulder. Unlike other girls who gets to chill with friends after school, I had to rush home to do laundry and cleaning up the house…hahaha exactly why I normally ended up stinky at my tuition classes 😛

Since I had to handle the laundry and cleaning, I actually neglected the cooking part. Honestly when CheeseBoy and I first got married, my cooking was really bad! Fortunately, he was patient enough to allow me to learn to cook at my own pace…phew…


My mom is a perfectionist. Despite being a working mom, she still woke up as early as 5am to cook breakfast and lunch for us before she left for work. Due to this, she moves really fast in the kitchen. So, a slow, beginner cook is really not welcome her kitchen…hehehee 😛 She also frequently said,  if so many hands touches the food, the taste would spoil. Mom, I love you but seriously you were really scary those days.Oh, but one cool part, every year my mom would allow me to skip school for 2 days, so that we could bake raya cookies. Nowadays, she is a bit more lenient. She is retired, and also having arthritis. I will now help her in the kitchen, but she will finalize the dishes. What I do is to observe and replicate the dish at home. Plus, I do think there should only be one master of the kitchen ( I guess, this is why I’m annoyed if CheeseBoy tries to help me in the kitchen. Bahahaha, I think he’s only slowing me down :P)

I am planning to invite my family for dinner at my crib any time soon before the ramadhan approaches. Honestly, the thought alone is giving me so much pressure already. Hahaha…wish me luck peeps!


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