Customers from Hell

I grew up with a father who really bargains for discounts whenever he went shopping. Sigh, he will even ask for discounts at LV and Chanel (enough said!) Sometimes the amount of discount he requested is so ridiculous that I feel like leaving the shop due to embarrassment! (Hahahaa…in my defense you have to be fair to the shopkeeper.) If the price tag is RM1k my dad can bargain for as low as RM200! :p However, as I grow older I learned the value of money and really appreciate the values he instilled in us. So naturally I picked up the habit. Whenever I go shopping, I would normally bargain for discounts like nobody’s business. Bahaha…who doesn’t want nice stuff at cheap prices?

Last Friday, I went to collect something that I have reserved couple of months ago. Please be rest assured that I have bargained for the best price. But that day I made the mistake of dragging along CheeseBoy to collect the item. When he saw the price I’m paying he went ballistic; “What the hell?” he said. Then, guess what? He started to bargain further. However, the shop keeper insisted that they have given me the “BEST PRICE”. After much persuasion, the shopkeeper gave up, and started offering us free gifts. First, we got a pair of free mugs, but still CheeseBoy was not happy enough. He asked for more free gifts and successfully got some expensive items. Seriously at this point, I really felt like leaving the shop. Stop embarrassing me! It’s sooo NOT COOL at okay!

Hahaha. You know what? The longer am married to CheeseBoy, the more I noticed he behaves like my father. CheeseBoy ended up leaving the shop with big smile on this face. Feeling proud of his ‘victory’! 😀

Victoria Beckham

Anyway, here is the item I collected 😛 

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