Game junkie no more!

Those who know me well know that I’m a certified game junkie. My iPhones and iPad are full of games. (Exactly why I’m famous with younger cousins and my friends’ children 😀 ) But guess what? I have not been playing games for more than a month now. I know some (which includes my darling sister) find that hard to believe but that is the truth.

Why? First of all, CheeseBoy constantly complained that I’ve spent too much time playing games (Duh, I was playing cuz you were too busy with office work :P) and secondly, I hardly have any time these days. I’d rather use any spare time I have talking to CheeseBoy or just sleep! I can’t even find time to cook or even post a blog these days. Sigh…

Here is the reason why; Recently, I have received a promotion and I’m still trying to adjust myself with the new role and responsibilities. Focusing on career at the moment, and for that I have no time for unnecessary stuffs. All the free time will be channelled into recovering the lost time for me and CheeseBoy, and also spending some quality time with our family. My ‘me’ time these days is equivalent to sleeping.

The hectic schedule ever since raya was also not helping. We have been working and travelling non-stop and we are both feeling exhausted now. (CheeseBoy: Hello Mr Lethargy! Long time no see!) Both CheeseBoy and I are taking Monday (pre-Malaysia Day) off so that we could rest more and enjoy a long 4-day weekend together. (Thanks to both our  Bosses for approving our leave applications). Hopefully we will rejuvenate (a bit) after this and will start writing constantly again. Yay!  🙂

One thing for sure, games are totally out of the picture now!


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