Film Review: Cinderella

Growing up, Cinderella has always been one of my favourite fairy tale (as i grew older the obsession is more towards glass slipper though!). Two of my favourite version of Cinderella adaptations are of course one being Disney’s 1950 animation film and two, 1998’s Ever After – A Cinderella Story, starring one of my favourite actresses Drew Barrymore.

Cinderella 2015 004

This glass slipper is actually made of swarovski crystal. Glass don’t shine ­čśë

So when I first saw the the new Cinderella trailer 3-4 months back, I was totally swooned by it. Told myself that I must watch it! Especially after the great adaptation of Maleficent (at least in my opinion) But guess what? When I asked CheeseBoy to buy me the movie, his reaction was like “Meh?…Go watch it with your friends!” Hey, that’s not a bad idea at all. Nothing beats watching a happily ever after kind of movie with your childhood friends. Yay!


The plot of this Cinderella movie is mainly based on the animated film, but with a little twist here and there. The story starts by showing the happy time of Cinderella as a child where both parents are still alive and how much they loved her. The happiness however cut short, when Cinderella mother fell sick. Years after the passing of her mother father decided to marry a widow with 2 daughters. Cinderella was happy for her father, but not long after the marriage her father passed away and that is when the misery starts for Cinderella.

I am actually glad that unlike the animated film, Cinderella actually met the Prince Charming prior to the ball. One day, out of frustration, Cinderella ride her horse into the forest and bump into the Prince who was hunting at that ┬ápoint of time. The Prince introduced himself as “Kit” (Prince Charming finally has a name!)┬áMesmerized by her beauty and courage, Prince Charming can’t stop thinking about Cinderella (he still doesn’t know her name though!) and requested his father the King to extend the ball invitation to all girls in the kingdom rather the just inviting the nobles, with the hope he can meet Cinderella again.


Cinderella 2015 002

I think Lily James’ portrayal as Cinderella is perfect! She looks and acts like Cinderella.┬áRichard Madden as ‘Kit’ aka Prince Charming is not bad (wish he is slightly taller though :P) But the chemistry between these two is so good.┬áCate Blanchett as the wicked step-mother is brilliant! I┬ádon’t think we need to further elaborate how good Cate Blanchett can be. I also like the part where they have more scenes for Cinderella’s step-mother and there are also a ┬ábrief story on the reason why she is evil. In this version of Cinderella, the Fairy God Mother is much younger! Helena Bonham Carter is almost unrecognizable. (First time watching the trailer, it took me awhile to recognize her!) She’s blond!



I was totally captivated by the beautiful costumes and elaborate set. So much thoughts behind it. Love, love, love!

Cinderella 2015 006

Cinderella 2015 009

I wouldn’t have been able to imagine a better Disney’s retelling of the 1950 animation film that I have watched countless of time as a child (oh well, alright I still occasionally watch it whenever I’m feeling blue), in fact I am still mesmerised by it. I think, I will definitely watch it again soon and this time I think CheeseBoy will be my victim!

Here is the trailer for your viewing. If you are a fan of happily ever after like me this movie is a must watch!


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