Robin Williams : Rest in Peace

I guess most of the world was shocked by the tragic death of Robin Williams. I know I was.

I remembered having a conversation with Belacan Girl when they cancelled William’s last show, The Crazy Ones, after just one season. I told Belacan Girl that he’s going to take the cancellation quite hard, because he also did not take it well when the TV network cancelled Mork & Mindy in 1982.

Depression is a dangerous thing. And I think comedy and his rapier-like wit was his defense mechanism against depression. Discovering he had Parkinson was probably the straw that broke the camel. When he has no control over his body, the comedy is gone, and the only thing that remain is uncontrollable shaking, seizures, and further depression.

Nonetheless, Robin Williams is one of those comedians who can make me laugh anytime. (The other one was the late George Carlin) His Robin Williams : Live on Broadway and Robin Williams : Weapons of Self Destruction shows made me laugh so hard that I stored them in my iPhone. I watch these shows whenever I was feeling down, and they never fail to make me smile again.

Thank you Mr Williams for all the joy and laughter. You will be missed.

P.S: Make sure you catch both these shows, other than his movies. Pee in the pants laughter. Guaranteed.

Robin Williams : Live on Broadway Weapons-of-Self-Destruction


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