Roses are red, Sugar is sweet?

Of late I am obsessed with having fresh flowers in the house. Not only they smell good but they also help to brighten up the mood.


Part of my experiment, I actually bought tulips. (They were so gorgeous, can’t resist myself). But it only lasted for 3 days 😦


When I complained about this to my friend Jacklyn, first thing she asked me was “Did you add sugar in the water?”.  Apparently by adding sugar will help preserve the flowers.

Based on my research,  besides sugar below are some of the items you can use in order to make the cut flowers lasts longer.

1) Aspirin (This is weird!)

2) Bleach (What??!!! This is disturbing!)

3) Coins (Huh?)

4) Hairspray (Right…)

5)  Soda (Coke or Pepsi?)

6) Apple Cider Vinegar (Not a bad idea. I have stock in the kitchen)

7) Vodka (Errr…this is a Muslim house)

For more details you can actually read about them here. Happy trying!

Oh, I’ve rescued these roses from the bargain corner, let’s see how long sugar can help me to preserve them.



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