Me in My Cave!

As clingy as both of us are, sometimes I, CheeseBoy, need my alone time. It’s really a guy thing where we take some time off to be alone and do our own stuff in our own world without disturbance from our significant others. (Hey, girls have their girls time. They flock together and shop and gossip all the time!) Men need our space, and when we don’t get it we get cranky, extremely cranky.

Dr John Gray wrote about this in his best-selling book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Men, when stressed, retreat into their ‘caves’. This is why menfolk like to have their own space at home (it can be the den or small office space or garage) to work on their ‘hobbies’ or just to be alone. Any women who dare to disturb their men by going into the cave risk getting burned by the ‘dragon’! Trust me, meeting the dragon won’t be a pleasant experience. (Imagine that Hobbitt dragon Smaug, only 1,000 times worse!)

I’m lucky Belacan Girl understand this ‘cave’ thing quite well. She allows me to have my personal time. Usually when I come out from my cave, I’m less stressed and much more pleasant to be with.

Anyways, Belacan Girl will be on outstation duty for a day. Woohoo! Alone time for me. But too bad, it’s on a working day and I’ll be much too absorbed in meetings or doing work to enjoy any alone time.

So, safe travels Belacan Girl! Your husband will miss you, even if it’s just for a few hours.

men are from mars women are from venus

[Classic book. Read this if you want to understand your other half]

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